I trained at the New England School of Photography with a focus on advertising and editorial photography.  It was during this time that I fell in love with Digital Imaging and all the possibilities it had to offer.  
My professional career began working as a Digital Tech.  This opportunity exposed me to the asset management needs of digital photography while satisfying my interests in the technology of the industry.  Working on set gave me the opportunity to collaborate with many talented individuals and to better understand the creative strength that came with a solid team dynamic.
The skills and experiences that I learned on set gave me unique insight as I began to explore the post-production process.  The world of retouching came with a variety of creative challenges and I found the soft skills that I learned on set to be of great use.  Strong communication became critical in translating art direction into the best possible final image.
As demand for a higher caliber of retouching is expected and the complexity of each project increases it is essential to cultivate a strong team.  Recent projects gave me the opportunity to design, implement and lead a talented team of retouchers to achieve a cohesive library of digital assets.
With each new project, my goal is to create the best possible body of work.  The organization and process skills that I developed though out my career allow me to create clean and efficient post-production workflows.  These workflows, in turn, create a consistent process that can maximize the time for creative input and yield a better final image.
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